The Spirit of God made me what I am,
the breath of God Almighty gave me life!
— Job 33:4 MSG

namaste, y'all.

I've been an avid practitioner of yoga for over fifteen years. Time on the mat is time for pursuing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and through the course of my yoga teacher training, I've learned to recognize the ways we can live our yoga on a daily basis, whether or not we put in a daily hour of time on the mat. My Christian faith is the life-breath of my practice and I love the ways my prayer-time has become more rooted and precious through the course of yoga practice.

I have completed my 200-hour yoga teaching certification and have shaped a vision for leading classes for specific students. I love to make yoga accessible for all, and have a passion for caregivers and creatives—people whose lives are spent serving others and pouring out their God-given talents. These are often individuals who've become so deeply entrenched in daily giving that they've forgotten how to receive. No one who neglects self-care for too long can continue to give of themselves wholeheartedly. Only those who can learn to fill their cups can continue to pour out. I've lived that emptiness. I've seen it in clients and friends I love. And I'm passionate about teaching people how to live better.

Yoga practice is about learning to create space.

As for the physical practice, yoga can bring incredible healing and grounding. My personal practice and teaching vision focuses on this belief: Every body is a yoga body. For me, this means finding awareness of my body's cues and physical well-being as someone who's never considered myself an athlete. Really. I once threw a softball straight over my head instead of over home plate. And I'm still nursing an old knee injury—from playing badminton in wet grass as a teenager. Yeah. Badminton. Fierce, right? My yoga training focuses on "creating welcoming, inclusive class environments for yogis of every shape & size" (Anna Guest-Jelley). In case you're still wondering, that means you. Yes, even if your yoga pants have never been to yoga class, or if you can't get down on the floor (or back up off the floor), or if your [fill in the blank body part] doesn't look like the one belonging to that chick in the ad you saw. I promise.

May I greet my body with gentleness.
May I soften when life invites me to harden.
May I listen to my intuition with wisdom & trust it with ease.
May I appreciate my body a little more in this moment, just as it is.
— Body Gratitude Reflection from Anna Guest-Jelley

And it's for you, too, if you don't identify with Eastern religious associations that you may have heard tied to yoga.  My friend Whitney Simpson puts it like this: yoga is not a religion but a spiritual discipline, just like prayer, fasting, etc. Just like those other disciplines, it’s incorporated into many faiths, including Christian faith. I’ve personally experienced yoga as a practice for deepening my faith: preparing my heart and mind for prayer and meditating on the Word.

Huge thanks and namaste to the teachers and loved ones who've supported me in this journey to teaching.

I am available for private teaching sessions for individuals and groups—a great addition to your next ladies' night in! Please contact me for rates and more information.

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